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How do you make sure people still have a live experience when they are at home? Streaming has proven to be the solution for many. While previously live broadcasts were primarily reserved for TV channels, now anyone can stream on social media. It has never been Argentina WhatsApp Number List easier and more popular. On Twitter, TikTok, and of course Instagram, you can go online and share your content with your followers with just.

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Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, live streaming has become more important than ever, such as Défano Holwijn’s FC Curfew. Through a Livestream on Instagram, he made sure that thousands of young people stayed indoors every day during the curfew. He talks to charming guests like Hugo de Jonge in the stream. He was even nominated for a Best Society Award for this cool move.

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Twitch has also seen huge growth during the pandemic and will only continue to grow in the years to come. This is because, compared to TV, there is much more contact with the audience (about 60-70%). As a streamer, you can really build a relationship with your audience due to the high level of interactivity. There are already rumors in the US that regular TV will become like Twitch in the long run. Companies and organizations have also managed to find livestreaming in 2020.

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