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Want to post on social platforms with this funky retro aesthetic on meitu well show you how. Follow our stepbystep tutorial How to create a soft grunge aesthetic look. Open your image in the meitu xiuxiu editor. Convert it to a layer, making the image its own layer Open the effects tab on the left and find filters. Adjust the effect to your likin. Duplicate the image by rightclicking on the image and selecting duplicate layer. From the graphics palette, increase the fade for the top image and choose the blending mode lighten Erase the overlapping part of the top image. If you want to do triple exposure like we did, repeat steps. To place the texture on the photo, first you need to add a shape graphic to place the texture on. Click the graphics tab and search for square Stretch the black square over the entire photo.

Adjust the effect to your liking

Click the textures tab and choose from the dust photo background removing and scratches category Application Adjust the blending mode from the graphics palette Try lighten again Add duct tape graphics, floral graphics andor text Use 美图秀秀 when sharing your creations on social Decor with inspirational quotes is always a good idea too. As you start assembling them, think about what kind of energy or atmosphere different objects will give off. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal audience how does this apartment allow you to see it from the opposite perspective fourth, the size of the props dont be shy choose a lot of props more than you might think so you can swap things out when framing. When you start shooting, you dont want to go back to your home shopping spree. Small adjustments you make can be intuitive and result in perfect, marketable flat lay photos.

photo background removing

Erase the overlapping portion of the top image

Color of props when youre perusing your DP Leads houses props, it helps to keep the color palette in mind. Different colors evoke different emotions and feelings in the audience, so consider color theory when preparing. How do you feel when your various props are put together how would you like to feel let these decisions inform your focus. 6. Different shapes and sizes finally, look for objects of different shapes and sizes to spark visual interest. What goes together well trust your intuition. Maybe there are too many bulky objects colliding. Maybe the alternating big, small, big, and small objects seem too staged. Create balance in your photos by blending smaller objects with larger ones in a subtle way and placing similarly colored objects on both sides of the image. This is also a good time to consider diversifying your textures—whether related to your background or the object itself.

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