A Look Back at Backstage, Bnp-paribas’ Community Hr Platform

The principle of this site is simple but effective. Candidates interested in jobs related to the company (Banking, finance, insurance) can come and ask their questions. A team of 25 people who are experts in these professions is responsible for responding to them within 5 days. Eight months after its launch, success is there and exchanges are multiplying. Carole and Charlotte agreed to answer our questions again to come back to this great adventure. What is the place of Backstage in the recruitment strategy of BNP-Paribas? How does the site help build a quality employer brand? What are the candidates’ feedback? What changes are expected in the coming months.

Eight Months After the Release

We are very happy with this project. We consider it a real success for BNP Paribas, Luxembourg Phone Number insofar as 120,000 visitors have visited the site since its launch. He are at 900 registered users for more than 800 questions, this reflects a real meeting with Internet users and potential candidates. The content attracts Internet users, for us it’s really positive. That’s just not the purpose of the site. The application does not have to go directly through the Backstage site, although it has happened in some cases.

Recruitments Made by the Platform

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The idea of ​​the site is not to lead directly to interviews or recruitment. We are there to give them information, to help them submit their applications. It has happened that operational staff, following a conversation with a candidate, wanted to have this candidate’s candidacy, and that this led to something, but in a very marginal way. The goal of Backstage is to help potential candidates understand a profession, position themselves, so that this then leads to an application. As well as the purpose is recruitment. This application is not made to welcome new collaborators. This is why there is a link to our job offers, to  able to apply for the ad in question following this conversation on jobs.

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