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In this way, they will be able to opt for benefits, open bank accounts, study, work legally and more. Among the first documents that must be processe in the country is the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE). Also known as the Residence Card, it allows the development of the citizen in the national territory. Personal data such as the NIE, photograph, fingerprint, date of birth and more are printe on the card. With it, it is certifie that the person lives in Spain and is authorize to develop legally. The document is valid for five years and can be renewe for the same amount of time.

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To process it, it is necessary to pay the 790-012 fee . Fee 790-012: All about tax on the issuance of the Residence CardFee 790-012: All about tax on the issuance of the Residence Card Contents [ Hide ] What is the 790-012 rate? What is the amount Lithuania Phone Number List of the foreigner’s fee? Fill in and download the form Where to pay the tax? Where to deliver the documents? Enrique Ruiz Prieto What is the 790-012 rate? The 790-012 fee is an amount that must be paid by citizens who are in the process of legalizing their immigration status in Spain. It corresponds to the Immigration Brigades and documentation in the National Police.

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The tax is paid to obtain the Foreigner Identity Card. Document is similar to the Spanish DNI, but for foreigners. By obtaining a TIE, the citizen has a temporary residence permit in Spain. It is important to maintain proper conduct to remain in the territory and renew the procedure. The 790-012 fee, the following processes are : TIE application. Revocation of the TIE. Application for work and residence permits. Renewal of work and residence permits. Student permit application. Student permit renewal. Loss or theft of the TIE. This means that a foreigner who wishes to live in Spain must pay the 790-012 fee on several occasions.

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