A Large Number of Internet Users Tell Us That They Appreciate This

A large number of Internet users tell us that they appreciate this very personalize contact with someone from the recruitment team (Maud from Danone Jobs, who is part of the Group’s recruitment team, answers each of their questions on a daily basis) and have the feeling of being able to communicate with someone “real” – unlike the automatic responses generates by the recruitment site each time an application is receives. We are also taking advantage of the more fun and interactive aspect that Facebook can offer, to find more original and participatory ways of enriching our page with “business” content (quizzes, videos, testimonials, etc.) that will highlight the difference in.

We Also Have Content Adapted to

Danone as an employer. Thus in March 2011, a video contest on the theme “imagine Israel Phone Number the manager of 2020″ was organized on the page, attracting more than 3500 members in a few days, who were able to watch and vote for their favorite video. We also have content adaptes to the approach of our major recruitment events (Danone Universell, Danone Explorers) which we broadcast live on our Danone Jobs page in order to be able to share it with as many people as possible and continue discussions even after the event. ‘event.

Discussions Even After the Event

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Keys to the company-student relationship, transparency and proximity allow us. Through this feeling of accessibility that we offer on Danone Jobs but also by being. Omnipresent in Universities, Schools. Forums to counterbalance a possible perception of a “machine for receiving CVs” and of embodying. The values ​​of our company with its human face, with. Its diversity of professions, of personalities as soon as employees speak up. This is how we mark our difference, hoping to attract students and. Young graduates who will have resolutely chosen. Danone because they feel in line with our values ​​and our state of mind.

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