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If you have doubts with which platform is going to be better for you, it is advisable that you try both and see for yourself. Once you try both platforms, you already decide which one to stay with or; even combine both. How does TheMoneytizer work? Setting up The Moneytizer is very easy and can be done by anyone with minimal computer skills. The first step is to register, that is, fill out this form that I show on the screen: Registration form in The Moneytizer Registration form in The Moneytizer.

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Before filling out the form, you have to take into account that your website has to have its own domain; because this platform does not allow subdomains of .blogspot.com , .wordpress.com, etc. Likewise, they do not accept those websites that Finland Phone Number List violate the laws, such as illegal downloads, sites with explicit violence, pornography FIRST: Register and fill out the form As soon as you start, you will have to click on ” Sign up” and; next, the window of the previously expose form will appear. You will have to select if you are a company or an individual and; later, fill in identification data (name and surname, postal address.

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Other data such as the currency of payment, etc. In the last field, where it says Sponsor code , you can enter this code   so that they give you €5 for the first euro you generate through their platform and; at that time, they will also give me €15 for showing you this platform. Or go to this link directly to The Moneytizer . SECOND: Give the information of your website Next, we need to “Add a new site” to that contact form. You only have to fill in the url or domain of your website. For example www.ruizprietoasesores.es in my case. Later, you have to fill in another small form with the information of your site: Site language. Country, Category. And an estimate number of visitors per month.

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