5 Types of Infographics and When to Use Them

When you start making infographics, you realize that certain types of infographics communicate a certain type of data or information well. For example, a process infographic works well with a stepbystep guide, whereas it stands out if you use a timeline infographic to present historical data. This resource will walk you through the different types of infographics, the properties of each infographic format, and when to use them. Well also touch on best practices, examples, and downloadable templates for different infographic types. After reading this guide, you will feel more confident and knowledgeable about choosing the most effective type of infographic for your visual story goals. You can also follow by creating a free account and exploring our vast library of templates.

Highlight the sequence of an event

How to make an infographic 5 infographic types. Uses, examples image manipulation service and best practices the way humans consume and retain information has changed over the centuries. But one thing remains constant, we get more information from sight than all other senses combined. Not surprisingly, infographics are more likely to be read in their entirety than textonly articles. For this reason, a welldesigned infographic remains the first choice for simplifying complex information while also increasing shareability. The good news is that anyone can create an infographic before you start, you must first create an infographic. Before you start, you must do your homework and understand the basics of infographic creation.

image manipulation service

Introduce a new idea or concept

For example, know which infographic format works DP Leads well for a specific type of content or dataset. Scroll down to learn about 5 different infographic styles when youre next ready to give a presentation, make an email newsletter more impressive, design a blog post, make a report or plan for your social media content , you can use them. 1. Timeline infographic timeline infographics are the ideal type of infographic. L planning for an event. Take your audience on a journey l share a story in chronological order l set audience expectations for the time required for a process from sharing the origins of dessert to giving an overview of your work history, a timeline infographic allows you to show how an idea, project or story came about. 2. Process infographic process infographics are the best infographic format.

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