5 Traits that Match Google’s Definition of A Natural and

Ever since Google decided to really crack down on unnatural backlink profiles. SEO agencies and marketers have been left guessing how to create a natural link profile. Everyone should know that too many exact match anchors are a bad thing. But how many is too much?. And what should replace an exact match anchor?. These are the questions that. I decided to solve once and for all so that I can stop making assumptions. And start progressing faster to the top of Google. I reviewed thousands and thousands of backlinks looking for anchor text profiles of #1 ranked websites when creating SEOJet. Real Estate Photo Editing Service I found 5 traits that every  ranked site had in common.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Home Page Branding the First Big

discovery for me when looking at the backlink profiles of the ranked. Websites was how unbalanced the homepage’s anchor text profile was vis-à-vis brand and URL anchors. In other words, 80% to 95% of backlinks pointing to the homepage had either the brand name as anchor text or some form of URL  They weren’t targeting key phrases on their homepage, they were focusing on building brand trust with Google. I also noticed that the vast majority of links pointing to their sites pointed to the homepage. So, the majority of your links should point to the homepage, and 80% to 95% of those links should have the brand or some form of URL as the anchor. Note: The other 4 characteristics apply to the inner pages of a website and not the home page.

Very Few Exact Match Anchors

When Google’s big updates started rolling in around 2011, they really cracked down on anchor text profiles that had too many exact match anchors. Since then, many business owners and even SEO companies have been too scared to really dive back into link building. Since I was doing all the backlink research for SEOJet, I expected to see very few (if any) exact match anchor links. I was surprised to find that the typical #1 ranked website actually had 10%-20% of exact match anchor links pointing to the top ranked page. Keep in mind that these links were almost never targeting just one keyword, but several. For example, a page might target 4-6 keywords and the 20% exact match anchors would be a mix of all of the targeted

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