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Capital is profit-seeking. Once the investment project encounters no improvement in profitability, the capital will leave. This is also the law of business! Fresh food e-commerce that can’t support hundres of billions of markets! Fresh New Zealand Cell Phone Number food is undoubtedly the blue ocean of the e-commerce market. Which can be seen from indicators such as low penetration rate, low market concentration, and huge market New Zealand Cell Phone Number potential. In recent years. Independent e-commerce companies such as Womai.com, Tuotuo Gongshe, Bensheng, SF Express, and Daily Fresh have appeare one after another. Ali and JD.com have also launche fresh food channels. As for Delicious Qiqi,  outh Caijun, etc., are booming and declining. Recently, Hema Xiansheng. Investe by Ali, is going to enter the Beijing market.

Capital Is New Zealand Cell Phone Number Profit-seeking.

Fluffy flowers gradually desire charming eyes. So many e-commerce platforms, in terms of benefits, provide consumers with multiple choices. But on the other hand. I have yet to see an e-commerce platform that truly addresses the core needs of consumers. The report shows that 14 fresh food e-commerce companies, including New Zealand Cell Phone Number Youth Caijun, Xianpinhui, and Delicious Qiqi, have close down one after another. According to relevant data, since 2013, the fresh food e-commerce market capacity has maintaine an average annual growth rate of 50%. At present, there are more than 4,000 domestic fresh food e-commerce New Zealand Cell Phone Number companies. 7% of which are huge losses, 88% are small losses, and 4% are flat. Only 1% is profitable. In contrast to this is another set of data: the market size of fresh food e-commerce in 2015 was 49.7 billion yuan.

Fluffy Flowers New Zealand Cell Phone Number Gradually.

New Zealand Cell Phone Number
New Zealand Cell Phone Number

Which fresh food e-commerce companies have fallen down, whether in operation or in mode, are more or less problems. And have nothing to do with inevitability. What they committe must be the life and death catastrophe New Zealand Cell Phone Number of fresh food e-commerce. Next, let’s take a look at those who decide the life and death of fresh food e-commerce? 1. Market robbery: few market opportunities The data is enough to show the New Zealand Cell Phone Number temptation of fresh food for e-commerce. According to a white paper by AC Nielsen on the development of China’s fresh food e-commerce industry, the sales of fresh food e-commerce in my country last year was 75 billion yuan, and it is expecte to reach 1,000 yuan this year.

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