10 Common Mistakes In Google Ads

Despite every Google Ads account having its own quirks and challenges, there are many commonalities that emerge.

After auditing hundreds of them over the past 13 years, I’ve noticed that many of the issues or mistakes found tend to fall into one of a few categories.

These can be things ranging from messy data output to wasting thousands of dollars because of a sneaky Google Ads setting.

While on their own they may not be account killers, frequently there’s more than one happening at a time.

These issues often pile on top of each other, creating results that are ultimately nowhere near what they could or should be!

In no particular order, here are the top 10 most common mistakes found repeatedly in Google Ad accounts.

1. Outdated Conversions

Once upon a time, you would place a Google Ads conversion tag on the conversion page, and that was that. It fed in pixel fires from that page.

Such a simplistic measurement also meant a lot less room for error.

Nowadays, advertisers use conversion tags Pakistan Mobile Number on any number of pages, import conversions from CRMs like Salesforce, use call tracking, and import conversion events from Google Analytics.

This additional view of the conversion journey is invaluable, but it also means there can be a lot of noise. It’s harder to realize when conversions are double-counted, or if old ones are still populating.

If all of those old conversions are part of CPA calculations or bidding algorithms, it messes with bidding decision-making.

The Conversions area in Google Ads should be checked at least quarterly. Scan to check for anything outdated or old that should be removed.

Answer the following questions:

  • What are we tracking?
  • Should all of those factors be counted as a conversion in all calculations, or only a few?
  • Where does the tracking come from – the Google tag, a Goal imported from Analytics, an imported file?
  • Is there anything left that is a dead conversion that we should delete to keep the conversion interface clean?

2. Geotargeting Options

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This is a sneaky one by Google.

When setting up a new campaign, you choose your geotarget.

There’s a sneaky expansion menu a lot of people forget about under Location options.

Opening this reveals the default way Google will show your ads, and here is the culprit:’

This means your ads will show outside your geographic target based on Google’s definition of a user “showing interest” in the locations you’ve chosen.

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